Welcome and Aims

Mrs S Wardlow
Executive Principal
Mr M Alexander
Head of School
Chair of Governors: Mr N Gout
Telephone: +44 (0)01737 243166

Fax: +44 (0)1737 226069

An Open Invitation from the Executive Principal and the Head of the School

During the week commencing Monday 29th January we will be holding daily ‘open door’ tours where current parents and carers, as well as our new parents and carers for September 2017 who were not able to tour the school last October, are invited to visit the school during a normal working day.  Senior staff will be available to lead tours through classrooms starting at 9.10am and 10.10am.  If you would like to tour the school on one of these mornings please contact reception to book a place.  We would also like to extend this invitation to families who may have recently moved to the area or are contemplating moving into the area who wish to consider Reigate School as one of their choices. 
Mrs S Wardlow                                               Mr M Alexander
Executive Principal                                       Head of School

Welcome to Reigate School.  It gives us great pleasure to introduce the school to you on behalf of both the governors and the staff.

At Reigate School we have high expectations of our students and strive to ensure that every child achieves academically, socially and personally. We will provide your child with a balanced curriculum, a happy, stimulating environment and opportunities in abundance.

Children joining us will be individually supported to help them develop into confident young adults with a set of skills and abilities that enable them to make lasting friendships, appreciate diversity in others and ably compete in a global education system or work environment.

At Reigate School our commitment to 'helping students achieve their academic, social, and personal potential' lies at the core of all that we do. How we go about achieving this primary target on a day-to-day basis is outlined below:


In terms of helping students to realise their academic potential the school will:

• engender a culture in which staff, students and parents have high expectations of academic achievement
• continue to improve students’ performance in external examinations
• continue to improve departmental pass rates
• provide an appropriate range of curricular opportunities for all students
• promote a range of teaching and learning styles
• promote autonomous use of information communications technology
• monitor and report on individual progress to parents on a regular basis.


• In terms of helping students to realise their personal potential the school will:
• emphasise the importance to students of building their record of achievement
• help students with individual target setting
• provide students with extra-curricular opportunities
• help students develop their understanding of moral, spiritual and cultural issues


• In terms of helping students to realise their social potential the school will:
• provide students with opportunities to interact with the outside community
• promote equality of opportunity for all students
• provide an environment which emphasises respect for all regardless of gender, culture, race or religion.