The governors of the school committee are responsible for holding the leadership team to account for their actions and setting the ethos and values of the school. There however is a balance of challenge by identifying trends and providing support where needed.

Their role is also to help the Head Teacher but not interfere in their day-to-day management of the school.

The governors are all volunteers and feel passionate about helping the senior leadership team with the development of the childrens’ values of kindness, resilience, respect, curiosity and friendship via the school curriculum.

We will question regularly to ensure we are all focused on the children and the staff and making sure their wellbeing is also considered.


Reigate School Governor School Comittee
Brett Hamblin Chair of Governors
Josie Chalmers Vice Chair of Governors
Matt Alexander Headteacher
Beverley Burr  
Sue Carr  
Claudia Dale  
Kate Haacke  
Michael Hayes  
Jane Kulka  
Debbie Moore  
Claire Regnard  
Robin Spencer  


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