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  • 15th July: Year 9 – Wise Up – Team Building Activities
  • 16th July: Year 8 – Inspirational Learning Group – JCB Machine of the Future
  • 17th July: Year 9 – Enterprise Day (Adam Corbally from “The Apprentice”)
  • 15th July – 18th July: Year 10 – Work Experience

Every Wednesday lunchtime – Careers drop in with Mrs Grew, Careers Officer

CEIAG - Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Reigate School is committed to providing children with high quality Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) regarding education pathways, apprenticeships and careers. We aim to help children make informed decisions at key times in their education.

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Which Careers Go With Which Subjects? When thinking about choosing their options or researching which courses to follow after GCSEs, our children may wish to look at which careers are possible if certain subjects are studied. These posters include information that may be helpful during this process. Information on other subjects can be found via this link What Careers Could Your School/College Subjects Lead To? | Success At School









Employability Skills

What are employability skills?

Employability skills are transferrable skills that are useful in nearly every job. They involve the development of an expertise, knowledge base or mind-set that makes you more attractive to employers.

Employability skills are often referred to as employment skills, soft skills, work-readiness skills or foundational skills. They improve your performance, minimize errors and promote collaboration with your co-workers, enabling you to perform your role more effectively.

Employability skills may not be listed in a job description, but they are important skills that can make you more attractive to prospective employers. The main benefit of having these skills is that it can help you stand out among other job candidates who are vying for the same position.

While other candidates may have the same qualifications and experience, you may have a better chance of being successful in your application if you have employability skills that are particularly useful for the role.

Certain employability

skills are more sought after in specific industries. You can prepare yourself for an interview or write your C.V. for a particular position by researching which employment skills are essential in that industry.

Employability Skills

Employer Engagement

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Gatsby Benchmarks

Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information Poster

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LMI Update

Careerometer – LMI For All

Careerometer can be used to explore and compare key information about occupations, help you learn about different occupations and identify potential careers.

It provides access to a selection of UK headline data relating to pay, weekly hours of work and future employment prospects for different occupations, as well as description of the occupation.

Simply type in the title of the job you are interested in and the widget provides a series of options from which you can select the most relevant to you. You can then look up another two occupations and compare. You can also select ‘display the UK average’ and compare the information with the occupation you have selected.


Morrisby Careers

Options at Post 16

Reigate School offers a guaranteed education through to the age of 18 with progression to either Reigate College or East Surrey College. The school links with senior staff from both colleges who have discussions with children about possible career routes and opportunities available. We offer progression routes to other colleges and sixth forms too. This short video also explains what options you have available to you

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Board Game to discuss post-16 choices

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