Times of the school day

8.45am - 9.05 am


9.05am - 10.05am

Period 1

10.05am - 11.05am

Period 2

11.05am - 11.25am


11.25am - 12.25pm

Period 3

12.25pm - 1pm



1pm - 2pm

Period 4 

2pm - 3pm 

Period 5


Is there a form to complete if my child needs medicine left at school?


How do I know what lesson I have when?

Your timetable will be given to you at the start of each year. Your timetable tells you what lesson you have, when, what room it is in and who your teacher will be.

What are lockers and how do I get one?

You can have a locker if you would like one so that you have somewhere to leave belongings and equipment. This way you do not need to carry everything around with you all day. If you need a letter about this go to Student Services.

Where do I go to eat?

You can buy food in the canteen before registration, at break and at lunchtime. Children are allowed to eat food in the canteen or in the outside areas of school but we ask you not to eat in classrooms and corridors.

Who do I go to if ... 

I feel unwell?

I have forgotten my timetable?

I have lost something?

For all of the above situations please go to Student Services. Student Services is opposite Room 5 in the main downstairs Modern Foreign Languages corridor.

How do I pay for lunch and events?

When you need to pay for a school event, visit, revision books, etc. you need to pay through the Scopay app or website.

When you pay for food in the canteen there are two ways to pay. Your parent or carer can pay online through Scopay or they can give you cash which you feed into the machines on the wall at either end of the canteen.